My name is Miriam Linnenbrink and I am a trained zoologist. As you might imagine, my wish was working with animals, which came true. After investigating the dominance behavior between two sympatric species of mouse lemurs in north west Madagascar during my diploma, I started my PhD in the group of John Baines. There, my main focus were the population genetic and functional analysis of the gene B4galnt2 in several species and subspecies of house mice. For both, diploma and PhD I had the chance to conduct exciting field trips, including months spent in Madagascar, France and Germany.

Afterwards I started my PostDoc at the MPI for Evolutionary Biology in the group of Diethard Tautz. I combined my expertise on animal behavior and population genetics. The animal model I use are natural populations of the house mouse. My focus lies in behavioral genetics, as I will try to disentangle genetic and/or learned cues underlying mate choice behavior by testing mice for their preferred mating partner.

Since December 2014 I have my own niche on Evolution of Animal Behaviour and Personality – still at the MPI in Plön within the department of Diethard Tautz. I’m really looking forward to a lot of interesting projects about how personality affects fitness, territoriality, heritability of personality and much more 🙂

Besides doing research with animals, you might not come around finding others than mouse lemurs and mice on this page, as donkeys are my secret love.
So feel free to add some donkey photos to my blog, these will make my day 🙂



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